Introducing People’s Democratic Party (PRD)

The forerunner of the People’s Democratic Party (PRD) is derived from unity of democratic people which stand on 2 May 1994. This is an umbrella organization that embraces a wide rang of people’s organization and student that began to defy the dictatorship of New Order.

On 15 April 1996, the unity of people’s democratic transformed into political party, its name: People’s Democratic Party (PRD). At the time, the New Order regime does not requires the existence of a party establishment except for the three officially party which recognized by government. Therefore, PRD mark as illegal party.

On 22 July 1996, PRD declared as open party in Jakarta. At the time, PRD demanded democratic spaces through two main demands, namely: repeal five political law and two-function of military (except as national security guard, military also has function in economic, politic, and social culture). PRD also demand of Soeharto stepped down from his ruler.

Five days after declaration, erupting events of 27 July 1996, namely the raid in Indonesia Democratic Party (PDI) office in Diponogoro street, Jakarta. At the time, the New Order ruling don’t accept Megawati Soekaro Putri (daughter of Soekarno) as chairperson of PDI. This raid triggered the anger of the people. Jakarta hit by social unrest. And shortly afterwards, the official of military accuse PRD as main actor the social unrest.

After that, cadres of PRD many was arrested and jailed. The number of leader of PRD kidnape—some people lose until now. While, PRD consistent to fight against New Order dictatorship through underground (Klandisten) strategy.

On 1997, crisis economic hit Southeast Asia, including Indonesia. Price of food rose. People are increasingly dissatisfied by the New Order. The situation that allows the PRD along with student movement successfully overthrew the New Order regime.

The Ideology of PRD

At its inceptions, PRD took the principle of people’s social-democracy (Sosdemkra). Ideals of PRD are political democracy and social justice. On 2010, through the its seventh congress, PRD replace—Sosdemkra, with Pancasila. PRD consider that Pancasila is wider than Sosdemkra. Sosdemkra only has two principle from Pancasila, they are fourth and fifth point of Pancasila.

Pancasila have five point, believe in good, nationality, humanity, democracy, and social justice. Pancasila excavated by the founder of nation of Indonesia, Soekarno, from tradition and culture of the nation of Indonesia in the past.

The Political Struggle of PRD

The ideals of PRD are realize fair society and prosperity, without oppression man by man and nation over nation. The ideals of fair society and prosperity  was named “Fourth Republic of Indonesia.”

The seventh congress of PRD concludes that the main barrier that impedes the ideals is imperialism. Imperialism has led to a loss of political sovereignty, economic independence, and national culture.

Therefore, for PRD, to fight for fair society and prosperity, Indonesia must reclaim its political sovereignty, economic independence, and its national culture. This is in line with the concept of Trisakti by Soekarno. (Rini)

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