8th Congress People’s Democratic Party (PRD): With The People Destroy Imperialism

People’s Democratic Party (PRD) invited Indonesian people and each social sector—workers, peasant, urban poor, women, LGBT, student, youth, etc—as a victim from international capital domination (imperialism and neo-liberalism) to built national unity to fight to break it.

The call was delivered by the chairman of the People’s Democratic Party (PRD), Agus Jabo Priyono, in the 8th congress of People’s Democratic Party (PRD), in Acacia Hotel, Jakarta, Tuesday (24/03/2015).

According to Agus Jabo, basic problems from the Indonesia at this time is imperialism. Standing above political-economy is system of capitalism have been rummaging greed politics and economy sovereignty this nation. Not only that, the personality of Indonesia nation also marred by existency of individualism and consumerism.

Because it, national unity is needed to knock down the power of this evil, namely imperialism. Put nation and public interest above personal interest.

Toward to 4th Republic

Different with previous congress of PRD, who closed-end and away from publicity, in the 8th congress PRD held openly. This congress would be PRD for to appear in front of people to introduce of PRD struggle and political ideals.

The opening of the 8th congress PRD was attended by thousand of cadre, a member of, and sympathizer of PRD.  And in meeting of the congress followed by 419 members from 25 region and 80 cities as a represented from in the country.

The 8th congress of PRD was take theme Trisakti there are to realize a sovereignty of Indonesia withdignity, independent, and identity with national unity. Selection of theme based on read conclusion from PRD for the political and economy situation of Indonesia today. Is imperialism practice in politic, economy, and culture. For PRD, Trisakti is a answer to the question for the nation.

In addition, 8th congress PRD decided official position political to the Joko Widodo-Jusuf Kalla as a president and vice president of Indonesia government. PRD evaluated commitmen of Joko Widodo-Jusuf Kalla to realize Trisakti in the economic field, political, defense, sociocultural, etc.

In the 8th congress of PRD also decided strategic politic to responses election in 2019. In this case PRD would fighting to become of the contestant in the general election in 2019, as well as to treat longing the mass of people as a alternate political power.

The 8th congress of PRD would bring the idea of a “4th Republic” a future state conception based on walfare of Indonesian people. Idea of 4th republic would return economics, politics, and culture of Indonesia according to the ideals of the August 17, 1945 declaration of Indonesia for independence.

In future, PRD would be headed back by Agus Jabo Priyono as a chairperson and Dominggus Octavianus as a General Secretary. (Rini)

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