Poor People’s Activists Set Up Merapi Disaster Relief Centers

According to the Data Communications Center of Health Ministry, the death tolls of Mount Merapi eruption on October 26, 2010, has increased to 168, while 1105 others were injured and still hospitalised and 279.779 evacuated.

Therefore, as a solidarity with the victims of mount Merapi eruption, since 1 November 2010, the Indonesian Poor People’s Union (SRMI) has set up disaster relief centers (posko) in eight districts, namely Mungkid, Salam, Ngluwar, Salaman, Muntilan, Mertoyu, Srumbung, and Borobudur districts.

The main information center was set up in Dusun Menayu, Muntilan District, and has been providing shelter for women, infants, and the elderly.

According to the coordinator, Wahyu Sukmahadi, SRMI has raised aid in the form of fund, food and clothes distributed by the SRMI’s members, sympathizers, and other communities.

“The government works very slowly, so we took the initiative to help the victims, “said Wahyu.

He told Berdikari Online that many babies are suffering from lack of milk, porridge, and clothes. Besides, one of the obstacles for the refugees today is the very limited number of shelter.

Although Merapi seems to have calmed, refugees are still not allowed to return to their villages as the threat of another eruption still looming.

Wahyu hopes that people can send more aid especially medicines, food, and baby supplies to help the relief effort.

Since November 7th 2010, Berdikari Online help allocate relief fund and aid to the relief centers below that provide shelters and assistance to refugees of Mt Merapi eruption:

1. Posko Peduli Merapi SRMI, Dusun Menayu, RT03/RW02, Menayu Village, Muntilan district, Magelang municipality

Aid in the form of food, medicines, clothes and other kinds of goods can be delivered to Berdikari Online office at:

Jl Tebet Dalam 2G no. 1, Jakarta Selatan 12810
telp/fax: 021 835 4513

Aid in the form of money fund can be sent or transferred to the account below:

Bank: (Bank Central Asia) BCA
Branch: KCP BCA Tebet Barat
Account holder: Tejo Priyono
Account Number: 436 149 72 14

Transfer confirmation can be consulted to A J Susmana at +62 817 654 6427

transl: Risma

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