Demonstrations Commemorate International Anti-Corruption Day

A number of demonstration commemorating International Anti-Corruption Day took place in various parts of Indonesia on December 9, 2010. Protesters demanded that the government seriously solve corruption cases. They also claimed that Yudhoyono-Budiono’s administration has failed in eradicating corruption.

Palu, Central Sulawesi

In Palu, Central Sulawesi, about six hundreds people from the People’s Alliance Care of Indonesia held a peaceful demonstration.

The alliance consists of a number of organisations, such as the LMND, the Liberation, the HMI-MPO, the FNPBI, BEM of STAIN, BEM of Al-Khaerat University, Bungku Students and Youth Union.

They called for the resignation of Yudhoyono-Budiono and other bourgeois political elites due to their failure in eradicating corruption and their success in impoverishing the Indonesian people through implementing neoliberal policies.

They also demanded a complete investigation on a number of corruption cases in the local government, such as in Poso, Buol, Toli-Toli, and Palu.

At least 33 protesters were arrested as the peaceful protest turned into a clash with the police.

Protesters insisted on entering the Judiciary’s office of Central Sulawesi that was locked out and guarded by the police.

“We just want to report and question a number of corruption cases in Central Sulawesi to the Judiciary’s office. But they locked the gate and forbade us to go, ” said Nasir, the Chairperson of the National Students’ League for Democracy (LMND) of Palu.


In Jakarta, a rally that commemorated Internatioanl Anti-Corruption Day at the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK)’s Office ended in chaos as the police tried to remove protesters that staged a sit-in on the street.

About 200 protesters from various organisation, mostly students, took to the street to criticise KPK performance that has been declining dramatically.

They question KPK’s commitment in solving big corruption cases such as Century Bank, tax arrears, the General Election IT section, The Krakatau Steel, and corruptions among Democratic Party’s leadership.

LMND’s General Secretary, Agus Priyanto, said in his speech that KPK’s neglect on following up the parliamentary recommendation to further investigate the legal violation during Century Bank Bailout is an evidence of their setback.

By burying the Century Bank case, the KPK has betrayed the hopes of people’s movements that have saved the commission from government’s attempt to criminalize its leaders earlier this year.

Tasikmalaya, West Java

A number of organisations such as the Indonesian Poor People’s Union (SRMI), Singaparna Hawkers Association (HPKLS), and the Coalition of Students and People of Tasikmalaya (KMRT) joined the People Accuse Movement (GERAM) to go on a strike at the office of Tasikmalaya Parliament.

In addition to stating that SBY’s government has failed in eradicating corruption, the protesters also revealed a number of corruption cases in Tasikmalaya, among others, the embezzlement 9 billion rupiah of social aid funds and religious facilities.

They also questioned the earthquake relief fund that has not been delivered transparently and called on people to join the struggle against corruption.

Bandar Lampung

Various organisations held a rally under the name “December 9 Movement” at the judiciary’s office of Lampung, Bandar Lampung.

The December 9th Movement consisted of the Indonesian Poor People’s Union (SRMI), the National Students’ League for Democracy (LMND), Muhammadiyah Students Association (IMM), Muslim Student Association (IMM), Anti-corruption Movement of Indonesia , and the Peasant Movement of Lampung (GPL).

Some of the organisations’ representatives delivered their political oration in turn and basically demand that the local Attorney show its commitment to disclose all corruption cases.

“Many corruptors cut the development budget and people’s social aid,” said Silvia in her oration.

Therefore, she agrees that corruptors should be threatened by “capital punishment” to give a deterrent effect to them.

Blitar, East Java

Hundreds of people took to the street and some protesters carried a rat figure to symbolise the failure of law enforcement under the Yudhoyono- Budiono’s government.

They also symbolically gave red report card for the regime and its law enforcement in Indonesia.

The protesters name their coalition Ratu Adil (The Just King), based on the messianic figure in Indonesian folklore, and consisted of several student and political groups such as LMND, FMR, SBM, KRPK, BEM UIB, GEMPUR, ANJAL.

They brought a long white cloth to garner signatures of people who support the anti-corruption movement.


People’s Alliance for Justice, which consisted of dozens of students, environmental, and other activist groups in Yogyakarta, staged anti-corruption protest in front of Gedung Agung Yogyakarta.

They stated that the increasing amount of corruption in Indonesia and the impunity enjoyed by some big corruptors – the President’s in-laws, Aulia Pohan, is among them – is an evidence that Yudhoyono’s government is setting up a monarchy of corruption in Indonesia.

The Alliance distributed 10,000 questionnaires as a form of consultation to the public on the failure of Yudhoyono’s performance in eradicating corruption.

They promised that the result of the polls will be published as soon as it has been analysed.

South Sulawesi

At least 500 cadres and members of the People’s Democratic Party (the PRD) in South Sulawesi took to the streets to commemorate the International Anti-corruption Day .

Besides political oration, a political poetry reading was performed during the protest.

The coordinator of Losari street Hawker, Mr Latif, read his poem entitled “Corruptor Comes from Hell”.

Jaker (People’s Culture Network)’s activists also took part in the rally by performing art, theatre, liberation songs, and poems.

Babra Kamal, the chairperson of PRD of South Sulawesi said that Yudhoyono has failed in eradicating corruption because his administration only takes action against his political rivals while leaving untouched the corruptors in his party and government ranks.

In Jakarta, the Central Leadership of the People’s Democratic Party (PRD) released a statement declaring that the SBY’s government has failed in carrying out its anti-corruption agenda, therefore, the people must take this matters into their own hands.

It called for every Indonesian citizens to take part in the struggle against corruption at every level of government and public service, by setting up anti-corruption command centers in every level of villages, factories, schools, universities, and so forth.

It will also garner signatures of support to withdraw the mandate of corrupt officials.

(transl: Risma; edited: Data)

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