The New Leadership and Political Slogan of PRD

People’s Democratic Party (PRD) held openly it eighth congress in Accacia Hotel, Jakarta, from March 24-26, 2015. In the congress has been chosen Agus Jabo priyono as a chairperson and Dominggus Octavianus as general secretary of PRD.

The New Leadership

Besides Agus Jabo and Dominggus leader of PRD, several new other composition filled with cadre of PRD from various generation to impose the statutes of PRD. Formateur team will arranged of structure and composition of new leadership of Central Leadership Committee (KPP-PRD). The leadership of PRD amplified through more than fifteen people. They are lead in several fields, department, and national commissioners who will be steering of ideology, politics, and organization of PRD in next five years.

The following are the composition of the leadership of PRD in 2015-2020:

Chairperson                      : Agus Jabo Priyono

Deputy Chairperson             : Harris Sitorus

Deputy Chairperson             : Alif Kamal

Deputy Chairperson             :  Antun Joko  Susmana

Deputy Chairperson             : Wahida Baharudin Upa

Deputy Chairperson             : Lukman Hakim

General Secretary           : Dominggus Octavianus

Deputy General Secretary    : Ahmad Rifai

Deputy General Secretary    : Binbin Firman Tresnadi

Deputy General Secretary    : Rudi Hartono

Deputy General Secretary    : Dewa Putu Adiwibawa

Deputy General Secretary    : Mawardi

General Treasure             : Yudi Budi Wibowo

Deputy Treasure                    : Kelik Ismunanto

Deputy Treasure                    : Diena Mondong


The New Political Slogan of PRD

To easily people to understand the party platform, PRD re-launched the new political slogan. The political slogan, are: “Pancasila as principle, Trisakti as  way, and fourth republic of Indonesia or justice and prosperous society as goal.

“I hope the new slogan easily be heard through people and easily for remember. So, PRD can broaden influence and ideas of PRD in among the people,” said chairperson PRD, Agus Jabo Priyono.

According Agus Jabo, PRD will introduce the new slogan to the people through publications and activities of political PRD in branch and masses bases.

“We will release the slogan through publications, like party media and banners. We also introduce it through political activity of PRD, like discussion, vergadering (Mass Meeting), and other political activity.

The congress was also lunched the large-scale campaign to broad party among the people to prepare towards election 2019. To achieve it, PRD will recruit the new members and build the large-scale structure of party to win national ideals of Indonesia is TRISAKTI (political, economical and cultural sovereignties). (Rini)

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